God Dam Dogs (Morphius)

Most scenes would trade all their horn-rimmed glasses and cable modems for a band like Coffinberry. Half a decade after the band launched, its full-length debut has finally arrived. And it barely sounds a thing like 2005's From Now On Now EP.

While that EP had overtones of New York indie pop, this disc is all Cleveland. "Packrat/Survivalist" kicks it off with three minutes of big American rock and roll: Tony Janicek plays overdriven chords, drummer Anthony Cross destroys his kit, and frontman Nicholas Cross begs "baby baby," making the plea sound new and seductive. Between blowouts, they unplug for a tune and then come back even louder. "Earthworms in the Sun" is more desperate longing from Cross, while the band parties around him, pounding together handclaps and jangle that suddenly give way to an acoustic strum. A building drum roll in "Freeway Ends" -- like many other moments -- is downright orgasmic. So come get some.