We're Livin' Like Weasels! (Sia Records)

It's impossible to gauge the exact status of Cle-Punk legends the Dead Boys and Frankenstein -- long-dead, revived, returned to the grave? Nevertheless, Jeff Magnum is still doing what he was born to do: play wiry punk-rock bass. But these days he's fattening up the sound of the Cyclones, a raw-dog duo outta New York.

In the Rancid/Ramones two-chord tradition, We're Livin' Like Weasels! is timeless punk you can skank to; it sounds just as good on the Warped Tour as at your favorite dive bar. A ballsy cover of the Dead Boys' "I Need Lunch" sets the tone for the eight-song set, a quickie session of tunes about nuts, gritty rock, cheap sex, and cheaper drugs. "Waste of Society" is an anthem for anyone who's ever been turned on to the Stooges and never been able to break the habit. "Outside" blasts the slumming weekend-warrior faux-punks who crowd N.Y.C.'s clubs. Magnum needs to tell the Cyclones how cheap rent is in Cleveland; it's their kind of city.