The Crapola Rag

Letters published June 27, 2007

Did somebody sleep through Journalism 101? Since I know the parties involved, I decided to read your little rag, only to find what I suspected -- that it's full of crap.

Not only is the article ["Smooth Criminal," May 30] poorly written, it is full of factual errors (at my last count it was up to 10). I suggest Ms. Meiser go back to journalism school and actually study this time. I have never read such a one-sided, slanted piece of garbage in my life. I'm sure Meiser can back up all her facts, like how a man can be behind on child support when his divorce is not yet finalized. Being the excellent "reporter" that she is, I'm sure her Pulitzer Prize is on its way.

It should be enough for me to know that what was written isn't true. But the rest of your readers don't, and that's what bothers me.

Ashley Leksell
Mayfield Heights

Watch your ankles, Satan: This goes to show that, unfortunately, snakes are always around, lying in wait. That little voice in your head is there for a reason -- listen to it. If something doesn't feel right, if something doesn't sound right -- it most likely isn't right.

Side note: There's a special place in hell for a guy like Zaslov.

Bronwen Taylor
Houston, Texas

Suitable for Grown-ups
Stop with the giggling already:
I'm sure I'm not the first Barenaked Ladies fan to respond to this preview [Nightwatch, June 13]. Have you listened to the band since 1997? Or did you even listen to the two new CDs? The band has gone much farther than their past "giggle-inducing, fast-singing, lyric-slinging ways."

By the way: Most of the true fans were way past junior high when "One Week" hit. In fact, most were married and had families. Maybe if you checked out a show, you would know.

Ann Gordon

Blushing for a cause: What the heck was the point? "Keeping up with the Barenaked Ladies is as embarrassing as monitoring Corky and the Juice Pigs tour posters on eBay"?

Well, I guess I should be embarrassed. I'm driving down from Michigan to see the show. They put on a great show, and if you haven't seen them live recently -- or listened to enough of their music to see past the novelty label -- then that's just too bad for you. Have fun with Nickelback. I'll bet they are more your style.

Jennifer Haskin
Oxford, Michigan

Stupid Is as Stupid Does
Who the hell is Ryan Adams?
I have read a lot of reviews in my lifetime, but I have to tell you: This one about Stephen Stills [Nightwatch, June 13] just had to have been written by an extremely uneducated dumb fuck. And who the fuck is -- and who the fuck cares -- about Ryan Adams? Dumb fuck.

John Braun

Be Stills, my heart: Stephen Stills has been named one of the greatest guitar players of all time. Has your journalist ever taken the time to hear him live? Meet him or interview him?

Last year, CSNY toured the country on their red-hot "Freedom of Speech" tour, in which Stephen and Neil were so hot, they nearly burned up their guitars. This year Stills is out on a 42-date solo tour that has crowds dancing in the aisles and rushing the stage. Before this pinhead opens his mouth again, he may want to learn something about the men he slanders so easily.

Julie Cochran
Salinas, California

The Price of Fish
Carp if you gotta:
Regarding Bert Jennings' letter from June 13: The people in power probably don't concern themselves with the ripple effect of their decisions. They probably don't even think about it or might not even realize the effect they have on others.

They may or may not care about race or religion, let alone nationality. When they get up in the morning, they attend to their personal needs, check on their families' well-being, then go about the day, maximizing their power and wealth.

Yeah, I know -- that's what everyone does. But if I go to work and collect a modest paycheck, I probably could never spend it in a way that would ripple beyond my throwing distance. Whereas those in power will close or move a plant (or industry) to maximize production, minimize costs, and throw crumbs at stockholders. Those who worked in the industry will go on welfare. Those who inherit the industry will go on minimum wage.

What has all of this got to do with the price of fish? Well, children, lend me your ears.

When those in power leave a wrecked economy, it encourages the rabble to scrap among themselves over the leftovers. The pissant leaders of Cleveland are simply the top of a heap of shit. Yes, most are white. Yes, they allow some blacks to be their lackeys. But in the end, the underclass consists of levels that put people in order by race or religion, and then maybe education.

Go ahead and carp at each other. Whites versus blacks, working versus non-working, educated versus less educated, etc. The power elite only lose respect for you when you squabble. It's uncivilized to behave the way you do. Man up. Get a job. Get an education. Then you can serve the masters at a respectable level. You can be all you can be.

The only important thing is: Be aware of the people who are really holding you back. You know who they are, don't you?

Gerald Seidel
Cleveland Heights