White Mice

With Clan of the Cave Bear and Xrin Arms. Friday, June 29, at Now That's Class, 11213 Detroit Avenue.

Providence, Rhode Island's White Mice keep the city's chaotic artcore tradition alive by performing in costume, injecting its music with smartass attitude, and flirting with classic rock accessibility.

Jokes abound (a holiday album titled Do They Know It's Christmice?), but the music is more than just artsy shenanigans. White Mice takes its heavy jams seriously, experimenting with noise, hardcore, and metal. The band employs bass, drums, oscillator, and theremin, creating a cat-hating squall, with singer Mouseferatu shrieking over the top. You don't even miss the guitar, because the bass sounds as if it's played through a jet engine.

Assphixxxeatateshun, released in 2005, features genuine grindcore, shooting up from a storm of sound effects. The super doom follow-up, Blassstphlegmeice, kicks off at peak levels of slo-mo intensity and stays there for all 13 of its tracks. Load Records released both discs, so expect a certain amount of retardedness. White Mice also has tons of limited-edition singles, silk-screened CD-Rs, and cassette-only releases that none of us will ever own.