These modern rock heavyweights need no introduction and no promotion. Staind used to be huge; Nickelback is now. Them's the facts. If you're a fan, you already know why you're going -- because Chad Kroeger is dreamy.

Even if Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" doesn't melt your heart the way it did 25 years ago, there are still reasons to attend. All the Right Reasons, the Canadian rockers' behemoth disc from 2006, is not that bad. "Photograph" boasts the best chorus outside of new country (Toby Keith needs to cover it). "Rock Star" is great radio fun, excellent for loud drinking. And you know "Faraway" will sound amazing live, with 500 backing musicians pumping it out and Kroeger sweating profusely, totally feelin' it.

As for Staind, of course it'll play "It's Been Awhile," the anthem for manic-depressives. The band doesn't have a new album, but who cares? "It's Been Awhile" rules. The song gets better every year. For maximum impact, get dumped, and put your fist through a mirror right before the concert.