Don't Call Them Jugglers

Sure, these guys like to toss stuff around. But they do other things too.

The Flying Karamazov Brothers aren’t related. They’re not even Russian. The juggling comedy quartet was formed more than 30 years ago in California, and since then, they’ve tossed around dead fish, razor-sharp sickles, and a condom filled with baked beans. “We don’t think of ourselves as just jugglers,” says founder Paul Magid. “We’re a group of people who love to experiment onstage.” They appear at Cain Park tonight.

Inspired by improv, pop culture, and Elizabethan verse, Karamazov performances have snagged tons of awards -- including an Emmy and an Obie. The troupe has come a long way from its initial sidewalk performances in San Francisco. The guys even got to share screen time with the Seinfeld gang as the tray-tossing Flying Sandos Brothers in a 1996 episode. “We’re theater people at heart,” says Magid. “Theater is the queen of all the arts. It’s all the parts of expression -- poetry, art, dance, acting. We try to do all these things -- to explore the who, the what, and the why of ourselves as artists.”
Sun., July 22, 8 p.m.