God Squad

Flyleaf alternates head-banging, -bowing.

Don’t think things are any easier for Christian rockers Flyleaf just because Jesus is on their side, says guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya. They’ve got it just as tough as all the heathens out there. “Being Christian isn’t the end of a journey,” he says. “It’s hard sometimes. We deal with the same things as anyone. We all grew up with some kind of abuse. But being Christian, we can identify the hope in it.”

On its self-titled debut, the Texas quintet -- guided by singer Lacey Mosley’s angsty songs about dysfunction -- plays amp-tearing hard rock that sounds a little like the Christian metal band Stryper. Flyleaf doesn’t hide its faith, but by making songs like “I’m So Sick” and “Fully Alive” thematically ambiguous, it’s managed to snag top touring gigs over the past couple years -- including a spot on Family Values jaunts with hard-partying, porn-star-groping guys like Korn. “People are really receptive to what we do and our lifestyle,” says Bhattacharya. Flyleaf has been on the road almost nonstop since its album came out in September 2005. Bhattacharya says the group is itching to record a bunch of new songs it’s accumulated since then (many of which can be heard in concert). “We’re not trying to write for any one genre. We have a very diverse sound. We’ll see what makes it on the new record.”
Tue., May 22, 7 p.m.