Open-Mic Blowout

Newfound cash means performers get paid!

The Cleveland Foundation recently gave organizers of the monthly concert and open-mic series Second Saturday Coffee House some cash so that performers could finally be for their efforts. Tonight, the founders of the monthly event for local musicians, artists, and poets are doing what most reasonable people would do when money lands in their laps: They're celebrating!

Singers Dan Chambers, Louise Foresman, John McGrail, and Butch & LaFrieda perform at tonight's show. Also, poet Joan of Art reads from her work. "The objective was to open a place that was smoke- and alcohol-free, and the focus has been on the local talent," says Chambers, who started the series in February. "It isn't to bring in people who were already established, but people who wanted to perform in a safe place where they could be heard." As for the windfall, "We didn't want people to play for free," he says, "so we're pretty happy."
Second Saturday of every month, 7-10 p.m., 2006