The Gods of Hair

Ten of the world's top hairstylists will handpick 150 follicly challenged Northeast Ohioans for new 'dos at tonight's Aveda Model Call. "We need curly hair, straight hair — all ethnicities, all backgrounds," says Lisa Anderson, education coordinator for the Aveda hair- and skin-care line. "Obviously, we want pretty girls. And we're especially looking for men."

Although based in Minneapolis, Aveda regularly invites hair designers to show off their work at shows hosted by cities throughout the country. The panel of hairdressers at tonight's show includes Miami's Leslie Munsell, Tom Kroboth from Germany, and British stylist David Adams. The stylists, whose cuts typically cost $400-$800, start by choosing their lucky models. "We really don't know what the artists are looking for in their models until they get to see the choices," says Anderson. "One of the guys only wants tall, long-haired women to create his pretty fancy, avant-garde up-do's. But they all want to get their hands right into the hair and work their magic."

On Sunday, the models get last-minute touch-ups before parading their freshly cut coifs on a catwalk in front of 2,000 local salon owners at the Master Jam Mid-America event, which takes place at the Allen Theatre. After it's all over, the amateur models pick up a $150 paycheck. "You really don't have to have a lot of runway experience," says Anderson. "We're just looking for people who are trendy and into fashion and beauty. It really boils down to people who want to have their hair done."
Fri., Sept. 22, 6 p.m.