Rescue Party

Metal rockers promise not to be dicks if they get famous.

A backstage meeting with some rock icons prompted A Farewell Rescue guitarist Johnny Peiffer to title his band's new CD Never Meet Your Heroes. Although he won't reveal the group's name, Peiffer says that the guys were "complete assholes" when he met them after a concert a couple years ago in his native Pennsylvania. "I just wanted to talk to them, and they seemed like they didn't want to be there," recalls Peiffer, who goes by the stage name Johnny Farewell. "It helped me understand them a little better. These guys tour 24-7, they were probably exhausted, and I was younger and stupid, with this let's-party-and-have-a-good-time mindset."

A Farewell Rescue brings the party attitude to Lakewood tonight, as it begins a three-week tour with fellow metal bands Saint Helena, Dissolute, Baby Shaker, and NSDwhoa! "We have high energy and want you to really get lost in the music while we play," says Peiffer. "We want people to be excited about seeing a rock band again."
Fri., Aug. 18, 9 p.m.