Feel Good, Inc.

Expo gathers vegans, yoga experts, and animal telepaths.

At today's Journey Mind, Body & Soul Expo, visitors can squeegee their auras, mind-meld with their pets, and learn all about the evils of milk. "It's about teaching people to live in an alternative way, in order to live more fruitful lives," says organizer Clyde Chafer.

There are plenty of vegetarian dishes and juices from a fully stocked bar to sample. "It all has to do with healthy living," says Chafer. While you can't eat animals at the expo, there are workshops that show you how to telepathically chat with them. Also on tap: booths offering yoga gear, meditation techniques, and other means of burning off those pesky vegan-diet-induced calories. Plus, drumming circles, aromatherapy massages, and spiritual lectures put participants into peaceful, easy feelings. "People can get high without drinking, drugs, or getting into trouble," says Chafer. "Mind, body, and soul is the trinity you need to feel good."
Aug. 19-20, 10 a.m.-8 p.m.