Culture Club

Cleveland's melting pot of 80 nationalities brims over at Shaker Square today with Mosaic, a celebration of ethnic food and music. "Diverse cultures are so prevalent in Cleveland," says organizer Nicole Kaselak. "The mark they've left by this mix of ethnic traditions and heritage has turned the city into what it is today." For devotees of international cuisine, chefs from Fire, Luchita's, Balaton, and Saravá restaurants will set up food tents. Performances ranging from the Hungarian Csárdás and the Japanese Sho-Jo-Ji dance troupes to Mariachi Joya de Mexico and the St. Maron's Lebanese Folk Group round out the action. "We want to celebrate density, diversity, culture, and tradition," says Kaselak. "There'll be music in the air, people on the streets, and food in everybody's bellies."
Sat., June 17, 12-10 p.m.