Soundtrack of His Life

Head Like a Kite's Dave Einmo screened a bunch of films before and during the recording of his debut album. Unlike other artists who find inspiration in big-budget Hollywood flicks like Scarface, Einmo gathered ideas while watching Super 8 movies of family get-togethers. As its title makes clear, Random Portraits of the Home Movie is a concept album centered on Einmo's celluloid memories. "These are parts of my life," he says. "It's nostalgic, but it's also historic."

As guitarist for artsy indie-rockers Sushirobo, Einmo laid down angular riffs over skittering, minimalist sounds. Head Like a Kite, a mostly solo project, is somehow a more ambient experience — an electronic overload of blips, beeps, and found noise. "I've always been excited about sounds from the environment," he says. "I wanted to combine them with my own music."

Home Movie came out of Einmo's desire to make an album that "could be playful but also sinister," he says. The CD includes audio clips of his mom and dad, various relatives, and a young Davey. Songs like "Tell Mommy You Want a Sip of Beer" and "Scenes From the World Trade Center 1979" are built around Super 8 strips of Einmo's childhood. "I started watching all these films and created backdrops to them about four years ago," he says. "It took me a long time to figure out how it was all going to come together."

Still, as deeply intimate as the work is, Einmo stresses that he didn't want Home Movie to sound "like one self-indulgent guy in the basement." Friends show up to sing and play bass and drums. "It's very personal," he says. "But I wanted their input."

Head Like a Kite is now on the road as a duo: Einmo and pal Trent Moorman share guitar, percussion, and loop duties onstage. Einmo's also hauling out his old movie projector, showing many of the family films that found their way onto the CD. "They're a huge part of the album," he says. "They really should be seen."
Sun., June 11, 9 p.m.