Ghost in the Machine

As it did in The Ring, technology takes on a life of its own in the Japanese horror flick Pulse. After a young man kills himself, his ghost keeps showing up on people’s computers. And it’s not like they can just log off: The dude dials up (apparently apparitions don’t have broadband access), connects, and somehow encourages others to off themselves too. Like most J-Horror movies, Pulse is elegantly shot . . . and just a little confusing. Bodies drop left and right, but it’s not easy to keep the characters straight or figure out how they fit into the narrative. And the ending is a real head-scratcher (did we miss an apocalypse?). Still, it’s atmospheric, spooky, and stylish. Check it out before Hollywood screws it up this summer with a remake starring the guy who played Boone in Lost.
Sat., April 8, 9:45 p.m.