Talkin' Turkey

Animal caller shares tips at outdoor show.

Alex Vedrinski can imitate just about any animal he hears. Geese, squirrels, bears — you name it, Vedrinski knows their calls and can copy them without a hitch. He has an array of trophies at his Streetsboro home to prove it. Most were awarded for his turkey calling. Vedrinski is lauded as one of the premier turkey callers in the country, and he'll show off his skills at the Cleveland Sport, Travel & Outdoor Show today. "My forte is gobbling," he says.

Like many professional animal callers, Vedrinski, 56, discovered his talent early. "I've had the God-given gift to mimic sound since I was little," he says. "My whole family is musically inclined. I make animal noises." And it's paid off over the years. Vedrinski co-owns a company that makes turkey-calling devices and hosts seminars and workshops around the country. "Make it a point to know the sounds and habits of the animal you're pursuing," he advises.

Visitors will get an earful of Vedrinski at the weeklong outdoor show, which also features such notable folks as champion bow hunter Chuck Adams, tournament-winning fisherman Doug Strickland, and an Elvis impersonator from Medina. The latest reels, rods, and hunting equipment will also be on display.

But it's the hands-on sessions, like the one Vedrinski will be conducting, that offer the most valuable experiences. He claims he can make anyone sound like a turkey, duck, or elk — and so convincingly that animals'll be dry-humping your leg in no time. "I don't let them get that close," he laughs.
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