Out of the Box

Bad-pun loving band comes to rock, look for axeman.

New York horror rockers Hate in the Box should hang a "Help Wanted" sign at their concerts. But while the foursome continue to look for a new guitarist, they will introduce a temporary stand-in at tonight's show at the Phantasy. "Will it be the Tooth Fairy? Freddy Krueger? A giant robot? The Easter Bunny?" teases lead singer Rainbow Blight. "The mystery shall be revealed at our performance."

The bill also includes sets by New York's Anathema Device and Things Outside the Skin, Michigan's Dead by 28, and Cleveland's Memories of Dreams Forgotten.

But it's Hate in the Box that headlines — even without a full-time guitarist. The band searches on, says Blight. "This, of course, only applies to people living in or able to travel to New York City on a regular basis," says Blight. "Whether you travel by dirigible or by clawing your way over the corpses of your enemies makes no difference to us. Just be deadicated to wreaking havoc with us."
Sat., Feb. 4, 9 p.m.