Who You Gonna Call?

Ghosts are more photogenic than you think, says Elaine Hinton, organizer of today’s Meet the Spirits, in which folks armed with cameras will have an opportunity to snap pics of poltergeists floating around the Mentor bookstore A Touch of Serenity. In fact, only one shutterbug has ever walked away from one of Hinton’s events empty-handed, she claims. But don’t expect to see Hollywood-style phantoms, cautions Hinton; most apparitions take the form of bloblike orbs and vapor vortexes. Hinton’s there to help sort it all out. “Spirit vapor can be duplicated with cigarette smoke and exhaling cold air,” she explains. She’ll also share videos of some past ghost-sightings. Participants are encouraged to bring tape recorders, cameras, and camcorders.
Mon., Jan. 9