The Flat Can Co.

Single Live Gonzo! (stabUdown)

Screeching feedback and lysergic scuzz rock were the greatest selling points for the Flat Can Co.'s 2006 debut.

Since then the quartet has evolved into a ferocious ensemble capable of heady improvisational jamming. Single Live Gonzo! documents a band conducting sweaty groove research à la the Baby Grandmothers and the Who circa 1970's Live at Leeds.

On the 18-minute "Hydroponic Hand," the foursome slashes, chokes, and convulses like a single entity. It's obvious that guitarists Miss Melvis and Keith Pickering, bassist Jimmy D, and drummer Scott Pickering have cultivated a psychic-jazzbo link in the last 12 months.

Most modern noisemakers equate improv with one-off collaborations. But that's misguided. The spontaneous exploration of sound is no different from an Arctic expedition: Success requires musicians who stick together through the shit -- not bolt after the first night of camping. This is something the Flat Can Co. understands.