Bug Life

Creepy things with lots of appendages crawl out for a party.

It’s the spiny legs and spiky antennas that give Bug Day treats their extra crunch, says Kathy Terrell, park educator at Penitentiary Glen Reservation. “We always talk about how animals love to eat bugs, so why not have a taste too?” she laughs. The 19th-annual outing pays tribute to all sorts of insects -- many of which show up on today’s menu. For starters, try some barbecue, cheddar, and Mexican-flavored mealworms, says Terrell. “I really like the cheese ones. They’re a nice crispy snack.”

This year’s bash centers on “Bugs of the World,” so visitors will see all types of critters from faraway places like Europe, South America, and Canada. There’s also games, storytelling, and crafts -- all about various creepy crawlies. “We like to educate and entertain at the same time -- to get people familiar with the myths and facts about bugs,” says Terrell. “They need to understand that insects are among us, in all their fascinating diversity.” To that end, folks will see tons of live insects -- including poisonous scorpions and tarantulas. They may even get to touch a few of them. “We need to respect the bug,” says Terrell. “They’ve been here a long, long time -- far beyond human existence on Earth.” www.lakemetroparks.com.
Sun., Sept. 9, 12-4 p.m.