Old Sounds Made New

San Francisco’s Film School looks and sounds a little different than it did a year ago. While the band remains frontman Greg Bertens’ project, a few fresh faces give the group a sonic makeover on its new CD, Hideout — which still piles on lots of distorted guitar noise and one-note riffs. But there’s also something foreign sneaking in and out of the familiar grooves: melody. Bertens even does his best to keep up with the tunes, singing rather than droning over the vague electric squawk. Tourmates Eulogies also like to keep things simple, limiting the songs on their self-titled debut to just a few notes. But unlike Film School’s shoegazing lineage, Los Angeles’ Eulogies latch on to traditional indie-rock aesthetics, like lo-fi production and wistful vocals. It’s a cool double bill.
Sun., Oct. 28, 8:30 p.m., 2007