Jimmy Eat World

Chase This Light (Interscope)

The first lyric on Chase This Light is a very self-assured — and very presumptuous — one-word imperative: Stay. But then an enormous wall of distorted guitars sucker-punches the listener, right before a raucous burst of power-drill guitars kicks in. The Arizona quartet catapulted into the mainstream six years ago on the backbone of its undeniably catchy breakthrough single, "The Middle." On Light, singer Jim Adkins continues to paint vivid, nostalgic scenes about the simple moments that are often life's most exciting. And it cements Jimmy Eat World as a band that banks on its strengths (i.e., inventive arrangements that transcend the emo tag) to create infectious music that's familiar but never sounds like formula. In the process, the band finds that elusive place in pop music where mental pictures of a romanticized past push toward the mysterious future.