Let's Get Political

Punkers trade love songs for rants on the war.

The A.K.A.s' guitarist Mike Ski thrashes down Memory Lane tonight, when the punk-rock quintet opens for Wednesday 13 at Peabody's. That's because the Erie native took his first stage dive at the club during a Circle Jerks concert years ago, when he wasn't even old enough to drink — and hadn't told his mother that he was going to Cleveland in the first place.Now that he's all grown up and presumably has Mom's thumbs-up, Ski and company are in town to trumpet their sophomore CD, Everybody Make Some Noise, which hits record stores on March 18. The 12-track disc boasts guest artists like the Dead Kennedy's Jello Biafra, Hawthorne Heights' JT Woodruff, and Anti-Flag's Chris #2. And while the lyrics tackle defiant social messages on songs like "Little Miss Apocalypse" and "Tools of the Tirade," Ski admits he didn't mean to be so political. "The challenge is to write songs that aren't completely vapid, about chicks and breakups. I can bring the fact-based things in, but I never really go after a specific topic, like Darfur. Hardcore political bands like that generally just turn people off," says Ski. "Most of my lyrics are just three-word lines that I scribble down." The A.K.A.s go onstage at 7 tonight at Peabody's, 2083 East 21st Street. Tickets are $13. Call 216-776-9999 or visit www.peabodys.com.
Thu., Feb. 28, 7 p.m., 2008