Caribou and Fuck Buttons

Saturday, May 3, at the Dionysus Club in Oberlin.

Using the same powers of deduction that earned him a mathematics Ph.D., electronic psych-popster Dan Snaith made a name for himself in 2004 — by literally changing his name. Up to that point, the Canadian-born Snaith had been known to fans as Manitoba. But when former Dictators frontman Dick Manitoba threatened a lawsuit, Snaith deftly redubbed himself Caribou and quickly rereleased his back catalog with the new moniker. So, while the world forgot about Manitoba, Caribou became one of the most acclaimed computer-pop nerds on the planet. His latest release, last year's Andorra, finds him exploring some of the warmest and most melodic tunes of his career — while still showing off his multilayered, mathematical production chops. Onstage, Caribou morphs into a four-piece band, with Snaith taking turns on everything from drums to guitar to various keyboards. Caribou's colorful, psychedelic show oughta meld interestingly with Fuck Buttons, an English duo of electronic loop aficionados who turn synthesizers into intense weapons.