With a Thong in My Heart

Ladies love to strip to their Skivvies in weekly bar competition.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Bumpers Bar & Grill can reel in revelers with cheap booze and barely dressed babes for Thong Night tonight. "It isn't any mystery why Tuesday is our most popular weekday night. Word of mouth has pretty much promoted this night on its own," says bartender Jim Flock. "The promise of seeing attractive girls — with half their pants pulled down — for free opens some eyes." No kidding. While spectators fuel up on cocktails and grub, contestants strip to their thong underwear and gyrate on the stage. The crowd then marks its approval with rounds of applause before awarding the winning competitor the coveted prize: bragging rights. "It breaks the ice for a lot of people to try and talk to each other. But there isn't any real structure to it at all. Ladies jump on the bar, the DJ plays popular tunes, and girls reveal what they reveal," says Flock. "It takes no hard work for us, because this kind of stuff sells itself." Let the stripteases begin at 9 tonight at Bumpers Bar & Grill, 7123 Mentor Avenue in Willoughby. Admission is free. Call 440-942-1088.
Tuesdays, 9 p.m., 2008