Letters published May 7, 2008

"Poisoned by Purina," April 30

Quadruped Condolences
Sympathies lie with owner in alpaca deaths: Wow — my heart goes out to you. I cannot even imagine the horror that you have suffered. This is a great sham. I don't use Purina products, but I will not use them now — that is for sure. No animal should have to suffer like this. No person should have to witness this either. Just horrible to imagine.


Fluffy's Mom speaks out: I cannot imagine what this has done to you, and I am sorry for your loss. To me, they are not just animals; they are family. Whether a cat or a dog or a horse or an alpaca, it doesn't matter. They are definitely priceless.

I pray one day Purina is brought to justice for what has happened. God bless you.


"Canning Miss A," April 30

The Short and the Sweet of It
Judge Teodosio — our just deserts? People elect the government they deserve.


C-Notes: "Pajamagate: General Attorney Marc Dann Admits to Affair"

Blue About Dann
Just don't let him wave the blue & yellow: So what? Name a politician who hasn't got some action on the side. Let's see which douche bag throws the first stone.

Marc Dann has probably done more for Ohioans in a few months than tools like Jim Petro and Betty Montgomery ever did for us. His only sin was attending college in Michigan.


Animal Statehouse? Dann can have as many side dishes as he wants. Having sex with subordinates is illegal. An attorney general ought to know that.

As it stands, these boys were having a frat party at the AG's office. Unfortunately, as someone else eloquently put it, female state employees are poor substitutes for intoxicated sorority girls-gone-wild.

Dann is such a disgrace to the office he holds. Of the three candidates for AG in 2006, he was the least suited. Strickland's tsunami got Dann into office.


Dann's not the man: Illegal? Really? Can you show me the law where it says Dann can't have a relationship with a co-worker off-hours? Did Jessica Utovich file a complaint with the EEO? No. Stankoski did. Looking at Gutierrez's mug, she wanted "career advancement," but bugged out after the third shot.


Speaking words of wisdom, let him be: Dann needs to finish his term. He realizes he is under scrutiny and will likely do a better job than ever. It is unfortunate that he has fed into the hands of Republicans, but the public has a short memory, and if he can do good work until the end of his term, he may be re-elected. The saying is "we are punished by our sins, not for them."

Linda Long

C-Notes: Michael Kaminski & the Perks of Being a Dope Addict," April 23

Dope Shoot Dope
Guitarist's drug-fueled robbery a hot topic: I am appalled by your ruthless comments. The problem with society is that there are millions of drug addicts that need help, not incarceration. Where do you think Mr. Kaminski has been since his sentencing? Incarcerated!

It's about time that he does get the help he needs. You should be ashamed of yourself and maybe need to research drug addiction, especially heroin, before you pass judgment on others who suffer from the disease.


Bleeding Hearts — it's even a lousy band name: Give me a break! The guy's a loser and has a drug problem. Boo-hoo. He held up a store to feed the need. I'm sick of all the halfway-house recovery B.S. The O-House is where I am sure he'll do the 90 days. There are more drugs in there than on Akron's streets, and the program is a joke. I worked there.

The guy was in a band. Big deal. He was a half-slacker who got bit by the drug bug, and deals his "illness" to people doing their jobs. He did the crime; do the time. He got what he deserved from the employees. Too bad the system, as well as some limp-minded fools here, feel sorry for him. Not!