Ohio Woman's Wedding Dress Located 32 Years Later Thanks to Social Media

The search continues for one Ohio woman's 32-year-old wedding dress, all because of some very mixed-up dry cleaning.

Last week, bride-to-be Ame Bartlebaugh went looking for her mother's 1985 wedding dress left in her grandmother's Willowick attic. What she discovered wasn't the simple frock worn by her mom, but rather a different dress entirely.

So she took to social media.  
As the internet works in mysterious ways, the owner of the dress found in the attic was tracked down within 24 hours. But it wasn't all good news.

"Unfortunately, the woman who's dress we had, had a different dress that wasn't my moms," Bartlebaugh later posted on Facebook. Meaning at least three brides received the wrong dress from a now-defunct dry cleaners back in 1985.

The one woman whose dress was found, Michelle Havrilla, couldn't believe her dress was returned. Watch her reaction below:

While the moral of the story here is to always check your dry cleaning before leaving the store, Bartlebaugh isn't giving up.

"In the spirit of keeping hope, I am still searching for my mother's dress and veil," she said on Facebook.