T-Bone Stakes

Four-wheeled beaters rear-end each other for speedway bragging rights.

The Figure-8 Camper Pulls in Painesville do more than glorify short-track racing; they allow competitors some creativity in how to dispose of their hunks of junk. "Some of the more interesting cars have been new Volvos, BMWs, and Monte Carlos. But we've seen people use old boats, shot-to-hell campers, and other crapper cars," says Jason Bateman, the general manager of the Painesville Speedway. "Naturally, the more unusual, the better." Boasting a 50-year-old rep, the speedway's figure-8 track sports concrete corners and asphalt pavement. During the race, competitors try to bang into each other's rides, with the first-place prize awarded to the driver whose car's back end is most intact. "Taking out the opponent's trailer is the point. And as the pulls go on, our racers don't hold back," says Bateman. "It may start tame, but it heats up pretty quickly. Politeness doesn't live long on our track." Witness the carnage at 4:30 this afternoon at the Painesville Speedway, 500 Fairport Nursery Road in Painesville Township. Admission is $10. Call 440-350-3505 or visit www.painesvillespeedway.com.
Sat., July 19, 4:30 p.m., 2008