Letters 8/27/08


Excellent job on your articles about the Clear Channel billboards of Cleveland ("Advertising Rage" and "Lovelee's View," August 13). Hopefully, more Clevelanders will read about this eyesore on our city and (even more hopefully) will feel offended by the corporation of Clear Channel. Your articles beg the question: Is it your opinion that a piece of Cleveland is held hostage by this advertising company and its multiple-billboard campaign? Do you agree that billboards are noticeably absent from the views of Vermont? Are billboards such trashy ways of advertising that they immediately give the feel of being in a poorer neighborhood/city? And if so, for $310 a year - what numbskull really thinks billboards are for the good of Cleveland?

I was surprised to see they are only paying $310 a year. That's outrageous! And to think that the property they are on they don't have to move from. Would the owner of the property by prosecuted if she/he removed the billboard themselves? While it wouldn't help Ms. Lovell-Wakut (because her sign is so close to her restaurant), but would anybody really care about the vandalistic removal of these billboards? Or would authorities care if artists painted the landscape behind the billboards so it almost seemed a window to the other side?

How many corporations like Clear Channel have the non-Cleveland-like funds to afford attorneys to control whatever way of life Clevelanders (who don't have high-power attorneys) disagree with? What other things like the billboards must we start rebelling against in order to remove ourselves from national lists of distaste?

I do appreciate Scene's journalistic integrity. I have spoken with other Cleveland media outlets, and Scene is the only one, I feel, that has the cojones to question what is going on with this city. Now, how do we get the power to change?

Matthew A. Sprosty



My fear with giving interviews is that I often cringe at some point. There was no cringing going on as I read "Advertising Rage" (August 13). It is comprehensive and revealing and honest. You really got it - and communicated it beautifully. I hope you stay on top of the issue [of billboards]. I have concerns about City Planning and Council members doing the right thing at the legislation hearing on September 5. With continued media coverage, maybe there will be a better outcome. This is one of those instances where I think if enough people speak up, we just might have a shot at stopping Goliath.

Keep up the good work - it's a good thing you're doing for the city.

Maria Keckan




James Renner, I picked up a copy of Scene for the first time in years to read your piece "I See the Truth," about the Lisa Pruett case (August 6). Fantastic - both well researched and well written. I mentioned it to a friend, who told me I had to look up your "Jurassic Lark." So I did and then passed that one on to my kids.

You now have a substantial fan base in Bentleyville. We'll keep an eye out for what you do in the future. You have a gift.

Kathleen Hale




I am very disappointed in the Scene. I started reading years ago because it didn't follow along with what the corrupt democratic money-loving politicians were doing here, unlike The Plain Dealer. I had hoped that it would be the same for all politics. Sadly it's not. I find myself at a loss being an independent young voter. Almost all major media and even smaller papers like the Scene have their heads up Obama's ass too far to even see his shit. Could I please get some objective coverage? I'm stuck watching Fox News (which is the most balanced I've seen) to hear a single negative point about Obama or a good one about McCain. How can I make an informed decision?

Let's face it, Obama's not that great. He's so far left that everyone except people on welfare are going to be taxed out the ass. We're going to be dependent on the federal government, which is not the best at managing affairs. He's flip-flopped on issues and has been quoted that there are 57 states. How can there be a president that doesn't know his states? I'm 25 and as long as I've been alive there's been an incompetent president. Why should I elect another one?

If Obama is that great, then I shouldn't have a problem hearing what his negatives are from the media. I'd also hear some good things about McCain. Obama should be able to hold his own on facts alone and not need your ass kissing.

So do me a favor and give me a decent article? Or is that too hard? Kim Steinke


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