All Over But The Shouting

Letters: 11/5/08


Hold the presses. You liberals actually endorsed ONE Republican, Annette Butler! Holy Toledo, Batman, Scene is so unbiased - about as unbiased as Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Jazeera and all the other socialist lapdogs for B. Hussein Obama and his sidekick, Botox Joe Biden, the world's only living brain donor!

Since you are so enamored with the Democratic Party and its candidates, the joke will be on you and all Americans when the curtain of communism falls over America. Instead of "Oh say can you see…" you best learn the words to the Communist Internationale before Comrade Barack gets pissed. Here's the song. Enjoy, Comrade:

Michael Kafir


Reasons you should have endorsed John McCain: 1) McCain is the only candidate who sounds like Jed Clampett. 2) Sarah Palin is hot. 3) Only McCain can put National City's bad debt on his wife's Visa and give it (National City) back to Cleveland as a gift. 4) McCain is not going to waste Iraq's war money on education or the infrastructure. 5) McCain is the only candidate who looks like Barbara Bush. 6) McCain is the only candidate who inherited his money and position from his daddy. 7) McCain is funnier looking and even more fun to watch. 8) Only McCain thinks "manual labor" is the Puerto Rican who mows his lawn. 9) Only McCain thinks Argentina is a country in Europe. 10) Only McCain will forget from one day to the next that he is president. 11) During the foreclosure crisis, McCain will never evict people from homes he doesn't know that he owns. 12) Only McCain dumped his first wife and married a millionaire 18 years his junior. 13) Only McCain failed to make Navy admiral like his daddy and granddaddy.

Eddie Morales


Jesus H. Christ! Whaddya try'na do, scare the kids for Halloween? ("Bill Mason's Mean Machine," October 22.) You couldn't have picked a more appropriate picture for this time of year unless you actually had Dr. Frankenstein's hapless creature on your cover!

This liver-lipped hypocrite is the 21st-century version of the Mad Doctor's world-famous monster and aptly captures the ultimate hypocrisy of persecuting others for the exact same things that his own friends do themselves. Thanks to this piece of shit "Guardian of Justice," they get to use drugs at will, collect child pornography and receive "Get Out of Jail Free" cards, while everyone else gets a lifetime of poverty from being locked out of decent jobs because of their felony drug convictions! He's nothing but a typical, slimy, double-talking, two-faced Republican thinly disguised as a Democrat. He and his opponent should just switch parties and stop confusing the electorate.

James L. Lascko


"Bill Mason's Mean Machine" (October 22) carried a subtle yet clear message. Although the article didn't make a case for any overt corruption on the part of Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason, it did show how the justice system is retarded when the county's chief law enforcement officer is simultaneously trying to play the role of a party boss.

This situation is aggravated by the fact that the Democratic Party holds nearly a total monopoly of power in Cuyahoga County, and Cleveland in particular. And ironically, the ones who suffer most from this form of mis-governance are blacks who overwhelmingly vote Democratic in knee-jerk fashion.

One-party control is the fertile grounds for corruption. It also is one of the main contributing factors to explain why the area's schools, judicial system and local government perform under par. It's a fact of life that competition tends to bring out the best. The checks and balances provided by a two-party system leads to much better government as surely as one-party dominance leads to corruption and favoritism.

The best thing that could happen to Cuyahoga County is to throw off the yoke of the Democratic Party. The county doesn't have to go Republican, but it does need a viable GOP presence. Replacing Bill Mason with Annette Butler as county prosecutor would be a step in the right direction.

Peter Skurkiss


I picked up your column ("The Calling," by Erin O'Brien, October 22) on Google News. I don't usually write to columnists, but I just had to tell you what a beautifully written piece this is. I'm already an Obama supporter, but this made me want to read Dreams From My Father. Thank you for some truly uplifting words in the midst of a news cycle that's filled with venom, cynicism and stupidity. Keep on writing!

Nava Atlas

New Paltz, New York