Culture Jamming: Joy Ride

New Order Reissues Top This Week's Picks.


New Order reissues


Say your singer kills himself when you're on the verge of making it big. What do you do? If you're Joy Division, you rename yourself New Order and transform into one of the world's best dance-rock groups. These five two-disc CDs cover 1981's debut, Movement, through 1989's Technique. In between are the 1983 masterpiece, Power, Corruption & Lies, and 1986's Brotherhood, which includes "Bizarre Love Triangle." A bunch of remixes, soundtrack cuts and singles round out the discs.


Alfred Hitchcock Premiere Collection


This eight-disc set features two of Hitchcock's greatest movies, Rebecca and Notorious. It also includes the director's usual dose of murder (Young and Innocent), spies (Sabotage) and psychoanalysis (Spellbound). Plus Lifeboat, which is set in a crowded boat stranded at sea. Bonus features include commentaries, making-of docs and the career-spanning AFI Tribute to Hitchcock.


Fallout 3

(Bethesda Softworks)

One of the best games of the year (for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC) works as both an RPG and a first-person shooter. Set a couple of hundred years in the we're-totally-fucked future, gamers wander a Washington, D.C. wasteland in search of their missing dad. But it's really about survival and making the right decisions along the way. It's a huge world out there, filled with endless possibilities. The ginormous insects and super mutants? They're just the start of your problems.


JFK Ultimate Collector's Edition


Just in time for the 45th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's death, Oliver Stone's first and still best president movie gets boxed in a three-disc set that includes tons of photos, memorabilia and a campaign button. There's also a new documentary about the Kennedy clan and more than 15 minutes of deleted scenes. It all revolves around the terrific 1991 film, a conspiracy-minded biopic starring practically everybody with a SAG card.


Midnight Club Los Angeles


This racing game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 opens up the playing field so that rubber-burning competitions are available whenever you're in the mood for one. The story - some dude races all over the city for cash - is really just an excuse to tear through the streets of L.A. with little regard for traffic laws. Best of all, earn enough money and you can own the most pimped-out ride to ever mow down unsuspecting pedestrians.

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