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Encoder Splits With Label, Headlines Showcase

Encoder has self-released its second full-length CD, Slivers of Time, after splitting with New Mexico electro label DSBP.

"The label was pleadin' poverty because the last two CDs they released busted the bank," explains multi-instrumentalist Ted "DJ Cable" Carter, who founded the Phantasy Niteclub's Violent Playground parties in the mid-'90s. "We decided to release it ourselves, which delayed things while we scraped up the dough."

The industrial band features former UV programmer Pat "Bruno" Berdysz. Former 20goto10 singer Sara Eugene, back in Cleveland after more than a year teaching English in Korea, is fronting the band. The new disc spans industrial, trance, synth-pop, ebm, trip-hop and more.

Encoder and Missile Command will headline the Cleveland Electro Showcase at 9 p.m. on Saturday, November 22, at the Phantasy (11802 Detroit Ave., Lakewood).

Cables says the free dance party "gives the electro enthusiast and electro-curious a chance to sample some of the best established and upcoming local Cleveland electro talent. It is going to be a unique cross-section of the scene, from the electronic-cyber-gothic-body music of Encoder to the 'Machines should think, people should work' mantra of Missile Command. I'm hoping to set a little spark in the local scene here - live-show attendance just isn't what it used to be."

Cable will host a Violent Playground revival Thanksgiving Eve (Wednesday, November 26) at the Phantasy's downstairs goth club, the Chamber. Expect old and new industrial and goth favorites like Front 242, Bauhaus and VNV Nation.

¥ The Dead Enders will open for the Independents and former Misfits frontman Michale Graves at the Jigsaw (5324 State Rd.) on Saturday, November 22. The show was supposed to be a CD-release party for the band's full-length debut, but the as-yet-untitled disc is running late. The co-ed Cleveland punk-rawk group is recording with Living Stereo frontman Brandon Abate at his home studio.

"We wanted to go with someone who would let us be ourselves and record it exactly how we wanted," says guitarist C.J. Gunn. "We went for a real live set-up, so we could best capture the band's energy. [It's] takin' a bit longer than we thought. But when you hear it, wham! It'll knock ya down!"

¥ Akron rapper K.C. is working on two new discs: a new EP, tentatively titled The Otha Side of U, and a full-length album, Champion.

"The EP is gonna be more positive," explains the funk-minded MC. "Champion is kinda coming off where [previous LP] Step Back or Get Stepped On left off."

¥ Cleveland label Heads Up International will release For All I Care, the first album by the Bad Plus to feature vocals, on February 3, 2009. Minneapolis alt-rock singer Wendy Lewis will join the New York/Minneapolis crossover jazz-rock trio. Tracks include covers of Nirvana's "Lithium," Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" and Yes' "Long Distance Runaround."

¥ Peanuts will host his 34th annual Thanksgiving Eve All-Star Jam on Wednesday, November 26. at Lakewood's Hi-Fi Club (11729 Detroit Ave.). It's free and open to all 21 and over. Music starts around 9:30 p.m. Guitarists and bassists are asked to bring their own instruments; drummers should bring their own sticks.

¥ The THX trailer with music by Low in the Sky is now on DVD. The "Amazing Life" short film runs before the new batch of Indiana Jones movies. The clip made its theatrical debut last November. Low in the Sky is a melodic soundscape group featuring producer Corey Farrow as well as Joe Minadeo and Pat McNulty, both formerly of Poets of Another Breed, which Scene readers voted best band in 2000 and best hip-hop act in 2001.

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