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Wally Boy Wonder And Integrity Get Graded

Wally Boy Wonder

Where's Wally?



While his rapid-fire delivery of tongue-twisting rhymes seems a bit derivative (think a more urban Mike Doughty) and the moniker is a bit much, Wally Boy Wonder has assembled a talented bunch of musicians around him. The crew includes former members of Filter, Warrant and the Twist-Offs, and they provide an alternately atmospheric and groovy backing beat for Wally Boy Wonder's spoken-word pieces. It's actually best when the band just jams, like it does at the end of "Tune In," and when Wally Boy Wonder pairs up with guests like Wyze G Tha Poet (who fires back "motherfuckers can't stand you Wally!"). Originally self-released last year, Intolerance has just reissued the CD to provide better distribution. It's worthy of the increased attention. - Jeff Niesel


Walpurgisnacht EP



Integrity frontman Dwid has revived his biggest band to stake a claim to the world it helped create. On the 7-inch EP Walpurgisnacht - named for a pagan rite of spring - the pioneering metalcore outfit's fifth incarnation is more metal than ever. Michael Jochum plays the band's best leads since long-departed original axeman Aaron Melnick. On the diabolical descent of a title track, both the guitarist and singer sound like they're being dragged into hell, Jochum wailing, Dwid bellowing. American Werewolves drummer Nathan Jochum deploys a double-bass assault across two five-minute epics about war in the heavens and hell on Earth. The songs are available free via the band's website, but the EP is a must-have for collectors, if only for its red vinyl and cover art of Charles Manson conquering the Kremlin. - D.X. Ferris