There Will Be Blood

A cool vampire flick tops this week's picks


Let the Right One In


One of last year's best films, and one of the best vampire movies of all time, comes to Blu-ray with a glistening elegance that heightens the blood-soaked ambiance. A lonely 12-year-old boy falls for a new neighbor — who just happens to be a vampire. Gracefully told and brimming with atmosphere, it's unlike any horror film you've ever seen.


The Kids Are Alright


One of the greatest rockumentaries ever made takes a not-so-probing look at the Who — from their shaggy-haired early gigs to their guitar-smashing heyday. The 1979 movie — remastered and stuffed with interviews and other bonuses — features TV clips, concert footage and some excellent scenes of the band creating havoc across the globe.


BoDeans: Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams: Collector's Edition


This Wisconsin group — which became best known for singing Party of

Five's theme song — introduced Midwestern punks to roots music. This revved-up debut from 1986 cribs its title from the Rolling Stones, but it's an apt description of what the songs are about. The two-disc Collector's Edition includes a B-side, demos and a DVD featuring a 1985 concert.


Major League Baseball 2K9

(2K Sports)

Just in time for baseball season, this annual favorite (for pretty much every console) gets more realistic with each outing. New features this year include an updated roster of players' signature styles and more control of your batters' swings. Best of all, the online mode compiles and ranks your gameplay, making it more intense than any fantasy league out there.


Radiohead reissues


The recent box and greatest-hits sets didn't offer much. These three-disc (two CDs, one DVD) reissues of Radiohead's first three albums finally get it right. Demos and live versions put Pablo Honey in perspective. Better are The Bends and OK Computer, which include '90s EPs featuring faves like "Killer Cars," "Talk Show Host" and "Polyethylene."

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