A Guy To Really Root For

(This is a guest post by the estimable and hilarious Steve Buffum, who can be found during the season over at The Cleveland Fan. He's a must-read, and I'm lucky to have him contributing here as well.)

Juan Lara signed a minor-league contract with the Tribe:

Now, really, there's no sense in ragaling you with tales of how I once thought Lara would eventually become what Raffy Perez is now: thefact is, I'm really quite pleased that Lara can WALK, much less PITCH.

By all accounts, the Indians have been really stand-up throughout Lara's recovery (surgery and therapy were performed in Cleveland), in fact, the Indians had gone so far as to sign Lara to a contract after the
accident so that his medical care would not be interrupted
. So, this is kind of a feel-good story all the way around.