The Great Metallica Debate — Round Five


On Saturday, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum welcomes Metallica to the ranks of popular music’s all-time greats. The band did as much as any group to establish and define thrash metal, then gradually slowed down and became one of the world’s biggest rock bands.

To celebrate the Frisco phenoms’ hard-won recognition, Scene presents The Great Metallica Debate. D.X. Ferris, the paper’s designated metalhead, is moderating. He’ll introduce topics, which will be answered by Chris Akin, Classic Metal Show host and webmaster of, and Matt Wardlaw, former Metal Show host, Radio 92.3 Inner Sanctum host, and proprietor of music blog For the record, we all were into Metallica way before Bob Knight and your little sister.

Aside: The band deserves the recognition, but screw Sirius/XM satellite radio for replacing their metal channel with 24-hour Metallica for a month. The bonehead programmers are doing everything in their power to fuck up their dying company.

Today’s topics: Best Metallica song, and Worst Metallica Song?

Best Song?

Akin: Without question, "Disposable Heroes.” From the machine gun fire opening riffs through the bewildered screams of "Why am I dying" toward the middle, this is the single moment in Metallica's history where they were able to keep their power, showcase emotion, and just flat out rip it up in a
way no one had done before, and really has done since. While songs like "Battery,” "Master Of Puppets" and really anything else through the black album were fantastic, there's no denying that "Disposable Heroes" is where they hit it flawlessly. I was especially pleased to see that when Kerrang did their Metallica tribute, they held that one out for Clevelanders Chimaira.