Undead Ringers

A new Resident Evil tops this week's picks


Resident Evil 5


The best zombie-blasting videogame series ever returns — now in HD for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. So the undead look even more lifelike when you blow off their heads. This time, the action takes place in Africa. There are also cool multiplayer and co-op modes, so you don't have to face all the scary parts alone.


The Silence

of the Lambs


One of the best, and creepiest, movies ever made comes to Blu-ray with a disc that intensifies the looming dread (you'll never want to go into a dark basement again). The extras are almost as good — especially the 20-plus deleted scenes and the making-of docs, which probe the method behind Hannibal Lecter's madness.


Cadillac Records

(Sony Pictures)

Chess Records was the greatest blues label ever. Chuck Berry, Etta James and Muddy Waters released their best work on Chess. This movie — starring Adrien Brody as founder Leonard Chess — tells the company's history. Best of all, there's plenty of music by Beyoncé (as James), Mos Def (Berry) and others recreating the classics.


MLB 09 The Show

(Sony Computer)

The world's top baseball sim (for the PlayStation 3) checks in with its best-ever outing. There's tons of new features this year, including valuable interactive training, a super-intense legend mode and (yay, finally!) a 40-man roster. Plus, game-time analyses of your pitches and swings can help you pull off the mother of all comebacks.


Wild Light:

Adult Nights

(StarTime International/Columbia)

Little surprise that this New Hampshire band's debut sounds like the Arcade Fire — they spent part of 2008 opening for the Canadian collective. But there are other alt-rock reference points too, from R.E.M.-style jangle to Ryan Adams twang. Best: opener "California on My Mind," whose chorus goes, "Fuck today, fuck San Francisco, fuck California."

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