Interview: Anthony Castrovince, beat writer; Part 2: Actual Baseball


Nine questions, none extremely brilliant, that Anthony Castrovince agreed to answer. If you guessed one of them would center on the "Choose Your Own Adventure" series, you win a cookie.

VG: We see the 0.00 ERA, we hear all the good things about his health, we read about his dominance in spring training, but coming from someone who's watched him in person, just how good does Kerry Wood look?

AC: He’s honestly looked great from his first bullpen session on. The coaches thought he actually looked too good too early and were going to try to rein him in before he had a little lower back issue that put him on the shelf for a few days. I really think that if this guy stays healthy (big “if,” I know), his stuff is so good and so overpowering that I’m not sure Indians fans accustomed to antacids will know what to do with themselves in the ninth inning.