NPR, Dan Malthroup, Bruce Weber and Mark Shapiro, a Baseball Edition of the Sound of Ideas


Dan Malthroup hosted a special baseball edition of the Sound of Ideas this morning on 90.3. His first guest was Bruce Weber, a New York Times scribe who wrote a wonderfully entertaining and insightful book, As They See ‘Em: A Fan’s Travels in the Land of Umpires, about the three years he spent training as a major league umpire.

Second guest: Tribe GM Mark Shapiro, and since this was NPR and not WKNR, you could naturally assume that the couple of questions Mark had time for from the callers were pretty intelligent: Timetable on doing something with Pronk of he's not hitting, the computer program called Diamond View that the Tribe uses to collect and analyze the reams of data and stats for their players and prospects.

In short, that included: Scouting reports, subjective information, biographic info, medical reports, objective analysis, articles compiled from the media, any conversation with agents, every statistical component they keep track of, and more.

Take a listen to the whole program here.