Kenny (Australia, 2006)

Mockumentary-style comedy from Australia that was a sleeper hit Down Under and insinuates some nice blue-collar insights using the same sort of comic techniques employed in The Office. The title character is an unpretentious, hardworking, divorced bloke who services and maintains toilets, usually portable ones. Kenny is treated like scum by his brother, his customers and his hateful ex-wife, but he speaks with pride about his archetypically dirty job and comes up a winner in the end. Some credit should go to the MPAA, which gave this a PG-13 rating despite the use of the s-word in all possible variations. But shame on the distributor for putting English subtitles on the Australian-accented but clearly enunciated dialogue that any normal viewer in the U.S. would have no trouble understanding. Or do they believe we’re as dumb as Kenny’s clients believe he is? Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque. At 9:15 p.m. Friday, Jan. 9. HHH