Mutant Love-Children & Fistfights with Sabbath

Gluttons feature Ringworm vocalist the Human Furnace, who moonlights as a demon.
Money Where Your Mouth Is Scene's music writers are busy debating the authenticity of explicit Lindsay Lohan pics, so they'll just let the Gluttons speak for themselves. Name: Gluttons Hometown: Cleveland Sounds like: "The mutant love-child of the Misfits and Zeke, in a fist fight with Black Sabbath." Fun fact: "Gluttons have been known to consume heroic amounts of alcohol. They also have the uncanny ability to get nine out of ten sorority girls wet by their third song, and occasionally tune their guitars." Playing: With Fu Manchu, Valient Thor, and Seemless Saturday, March 17 at Peabody's, 2083 E. 21st St., 216-776-9999. Why you need to see them: "So you can say, 'I saw those dudes when they were playing in little clubs.'" — HF, guitar-vocals