A sin: Cavs' cheerleaders cavort with Richard Jefferson

I know you're probably inundated with countless story ideas and BS on a daily basis. However I have some information that I think is worth investigating. All of the information I will share with you is true and further details are available if necessary. This past Saturday, 5/5/07, I saw three of the Cavaliers Dance Team members hanging out with and being awfully cozy with the New Jersey Nets' Richard Jefferson. While I'm not shocked that professional athletes are hanging out with professional cheerleaders and that there is nothing illegal about what they did, I thought it interesting that these girls were cavorting with an opposing player on the eve of the biggest series of our season. I know that cheerleaders dating players on the home team is generally frowned upon, but apparently opposing teams is fair game. I don't think the girls have access to the playbook, but I am uncomfortable with them cavorting with the other team and think it's unprofessional. Thank you very much. D Cleveland