He's hitting .203, but Omar's still got game

Even Indians fans did a double take when Omar Vizquel, then 38 years old, signed a three-year deal with the Giants in 2005. The guy’s career was built on speed, range, quick feet – attributes that, unlike the chemical-aided power of aging sluggers, tend to decline in later years. But now, in the third year of Vizquel’s deal, there’s already been talk of him reupping with Giants, the San Francisco Chronicle’s John Shea writes on ESPN.com. Shea claims that Vizquel, who turned 40 yesterday, is “not even close to slowing down.” Then again, no extension was signed this off-season, and Vizquel’s offensive numbers (.203 average, no extra base hits) aren’t exactly starter-caliber. And you know the dude wants to finish his career in a Tribe jersey. Is it almost time to bring back Omar as a back up? – Joe P. Tone