Farewell, Marcus Sims

Earlier this week, Cleveland's dean of party boys, Marcus Sims, fired off the "saddest" missive he's ever written on his e-newsletter, Jet Set Go. In a nutshell, the management at the View (618 Prospect Ave., 216-664-1815) canned him as its marketing director. "I won't go into detail what the deal is," Sims wrote. "It's all good. They just aren't ready for me." That's not what the club was saying a mere three months ago. It even issued a public invite to herald Sims' ascent into the high-profile world of glitzy, late-night parties in the most chic of Cleveland's watering holes. Not that anyone was surprised at Sims' hiring. For months beforehand, he'd established himself as a well-dressed, well-spoken lounge lizard who was organizing — on his own time and dime -- just about every see-and-be-seen club party in town. After he took over his post at the View, he created the fashionable Resident Wednesdays for Cleveland's urban dwellers. The last show Sims oversaw featured veteran San Francisco DJ Andy Caldwell spinning tunes on March 10, just two days before the pink slip landed on Sims' desk. In Sims' newsletter, he laments that it's time for him to move to L.A. "I have decided that this brings good closure to my time here in Cleveland," Sims wrote. "It's just disappointment after disappointment (work, women, weather.... funny how they all start with W) and I am not very happy anymore. My lease is up in June so it will expire or I will find a job sooner and take off whenever that may be (sooner the better) and I'm already looking for jobs in Los Angeles so the countdown has begun. This is prob the saddest thing I've ever had to write...... people that know me know that I bleed Cleveland..... but I just can't feel stifled anymore." — Cris Glaser