"Axl was hot!"

I was at the Guns N Roses concert at the Q Friday night (11/24/06). We had front row seats and actually stood (counting the hours we stood in line) for 12 straight hours. GNR were supposed to start at 11, but did not take the stage until 12:05 A.M. Saturdary morning. It was so well worth the wait and the standing. It was the best concert I have ever seen. Axl was hot! His voice was spectacular. He still had his attitude (having had a male concertgoer thrown out for pissing Axl off) and the crowd went wild over that. Axl danced, ran and gave his all. There were sound problems going on which Axl apologized to the crowd for and for which he publicly humiliated the sound guy telling him that he (the sound guy) might as well go home. Again, the concert was well worth the wait as will be Chinese Democracy. Axl is a perfectionist and if people cannot deal with that, well... Great concert!!!!! Rose Cleveland