Dimora's Feeble Sense of Democracy, and the Media's Failure to Expose It

Democratic Party Chairman Jimmy Dimora recently rewarded incumbents for making Cleveland the most prosperous city in America. The party's endorsement meeting took only 9 seconds, with no debate.
After 6 years in the U.S. Army and 2 tours of duty in Iraq, I decided study political science. I wanted to learn how the political process works. These procedures ultimately whether we arrive at the American governmental virtues of accountability, compromise, and effective policy making. In Cuyahoga County, these procedures are absent. There is no doubt that the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party is the ultimate governing party within our area. They are failing miserably. On December 15, the party’s Executive Committee met at Euclid High School to make the party's endorsements for the 2008 elections. As a first time observer, I felt a sense of excitement to see this process. However, as soon as the meeting started, it was over…