The President Eats a Sandwich

Apparently the president is good for something – drumming up business. The good folks at Slyman’s Restaurant can attest to that. One day after W. stopped by, the restaurant was packed with customers. Even at the normal closing time of 2:30, customers were banging on the locked doors trying to get in one last order. “We got slammed,” says owner Freddie Slyman, who had a copy of today’s Plain Dealer with his picture in it propped on the counter. For those of haven’t heard, W. made an appearance in our fair city yesterday to drum up support for the GOP’s hemorrhaging popularity. He toured a plant before he stopped off at the deli near 31st and St. Clair. A bevy of reporters watched as he munched on corned beef. It’s like a law in journalism: If somebody really famous comes to town, make sure you follow him just in case he chokes on a French fry. About 30 minutes before the president’s arrival, Secret Service agents alerted Slyman that the man himself was coming to indulge in one of the sandwiches big enough to feed some small African countries. Agents closed off the street. Customers who wanted nothing more than a sandwich were frisked upon entering. If they hadn’t notice, the helicopter swirling overhead probably was a good indicator that they wouldn’t be getting quick in-and-out service. “He comes in and he does his president thing,” Slyman says. “We got some pictures, I gave him a T-shirt and bid him adieu.” – T.K. Kim