Dead Boys DVD, Halloween '86: A Sneak Preview

A new (old) show from Cleveland punk-rockers Dead Boys is coming to DVD soon. It won't be officially released until March 18, but Scene asked the distributor to put a little taste online and, holy hell, they listened. The clip's above. The show's from Halloween 1986, so be prepared: Frontman Stiv Bators is gussied up like the lead singer of a B-squad hair-metal band, in pleather and cheesy hat. On the disc, Joey Ramone introduces the band, who goes on to play the Stooges' "Search and Destroy," in addition to their own punk anthem, "Sonic Reducer" -- twice. Bonus material includes an interview with the late Bators and a 1980 mini story from Good Morning Youngstown. MVD also brought us the last Dead Boys DVD, the must-have Live at CBGB's 1977, a document of the band at the height of their powers, at the height of the punk movement. -- D.X. Ferris