Kucinich isn't a Weirdo

So, Pete, deep inside, tell us: how do you really feel about Dennis ["$6 Million Chihuahua," February 7]? Okay, Dennis Kucinich has some new-agey ideas, but nothing as utterly stupid as invading Iraq for WMDs or promoting democracy and regime change at gunpoint. Dennis has never stated "I'm the decider, and I decide what's best" or "I'm really a media creation." His position seems to be to think before you invade a country. Have a legitimate reason, not a lie backed by skilled propaganda. Avoid violence, if at all possible. Exhaust all other practical options first. Make sure war is absolutely necessary. And be prepared to fix what you break. Cut the military budget by 15 percent, so Presidents and defense secretaries can't institute adventurous policies of imperialism to benefit Wall Street, the Fed, or global hegemony via mass murder. Dennis wants to take new the budget surplus created from this "peace dividend" and use it to expand and institute liberal programs like single-payer universal health care. A little less corporate welfare, a little more social welfare. The good part is that everyone gets it. It will be cheaper than it costs now, with no middleman. The bad? If they sabotage funding, expect long delays. It could become very intrusive with "Big Brother" rules about DNA databasing or diet. Not everyone will agree, but it's within the range of common sense. Save money, stop killing, help people. Why the hate? Oh, because Dennis can't win, so it's a vanity campaign? Once you learn how much America funds and arms aggressors and terrorists, you realize the "War on Terror" is nothing but a huge scam. Clever remarks about coddling terrorists are phony. We already do far more then coddle -- we put them on payroll. Gary Goodman Akron