Senator Larry Craig: The Alex Arshinkoff of Idaho

It seems to be a recurring motif: Anyone who protests too loud about the sins of homosexuality is likely a homo himself. The latest is U.S. Senator Larry Craig, a Republican from Idaho, who pleaded guilty earlier this month to disorderly conduct in Minnesota. It appears that Big Larry was caught soliciting an undercover cop in a Minneapolis airport bathroom known as a gay hookup spot. (Minneapolis apparently has a very happening airport.) While C-Notes isn’t particularly big on wasting valuable cop time bagging old men for getting in touch with their inner fag, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Big Larry is a steadfast ally in the cause to eradicate all things homo. He now contends his actions were misconstrued. But Larry need not worry, unless the people of Idaho are less forgiving than those in Ohio. Summit County Republican Party Chairman Alex Arshinkoff has long been known for his nocturnal escapades, which include propositioning unwilling young men and hanging out at leather bars. Yet fellow party members have been content to look the other way. Arshinkoff even served as a chairman for Ken Blackwell’s ill-fated gubernatorial campaign, even though Blackwell made his bones as a champion of all things anti-homo. Hypocrisy, after all, is the foundation on which politics are built. – Pete Kotz