Flat Iron Café Reopens Today: Let the whiskey flow like ... whiskey!

Less than two weeks after a Labor Day fire stemmed the steady flow of Guinness, Bass, and Jameson at the Flat Iron Café, Cleveland’s oldest Irish bar is expected to resume a full schedule of operations at 11 a.m. today, including its popular free shuttle service to Indians home games. “I thank the professionalism and speedy response of the fire department for making it possible,” says owner Dan Brennan, about the quick return to business. The Labor Day disaster mainly damaged the upstairs facilities, which will probably remain closed until October; the downstairs dining area and bar suffered relatively slight smoke and water damage and have been completely cleaned up. Located on the east bank of the Flats, across from the Center Street Bridge, the building has been an Irish watering hole and casual eatery since 1910. But it’s no stranger to conflagrations: While it began life as a four-story hotel, a late 1800s fire destroyed the original top two floors, leaving it with its current two-story configuration. Brennan says the fire department pegs the losses at around 75 grand, “but I suspect its going to be higher than that.” On the bright side, no whiskey was lost in the fire. --- Elaine T. Cicora